Recommended Solutions

Solution name: com.agricircle.atlas.crop_protection_advisor
Company: AgriCircle AG
Description: Trivial implementation of crop_protection_advisor that generates a homogeneous application map for on an entire field based on user configuration
Solution name: com.agricircle.atlas.fertilisation_advisor
Company: AgriCircle AG
Description: Prepares soil fertilisation advices for fields with annual crops
Solution name: atlas_aedit_field_data
Company: Aedit s.r.l.
Description: Acce the field data from the Poderi-Atlas FMIS
Solution name: com.agricircle.atlas.field_data
Company: AgriCircle AG
Description: AgriCircle's field data service
Solution name: gr.noa.field_monitoring
Company: National Observatory of Athens NOA
Description: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) quantifies vegetation by measuring the difference between near-infrared (which vegetation strongly reflects) and red light (w
Solution name: com.agricircle.atlas.harvesting_advisor
Company: AgriCircle AG
Description: Minimalistic harvesting advisor service without monitoring capabilities
Solution name: atlas_aedit_irrigation_advisor
Company: Aedit s.r.l.
Description: Aedit implementation of Irrigation Advisor
Solution name: analysis_service
Company: Test Organization
Description: Service that allows you to retrieve analysis results from livestock monitoring algorithms.
Solution name: pigsteye_keycloak3
Company: Dunavnet
Description: test
Solution name: de.iais.fraunhofer.hello-world-service
Company: Test Organization
Description: This dummy-service can be used to test pairing with a service client.
Solution name: com.agricircle.atlas.sowing_advisor
Company: AgriCircle AG
Description: Simple sowing advisor without monitoring capabilities
Solution name: gr.noa.temperature_monitoring
Company: National Observatory of Athens NOA
Description: The service assesses two temperature related variables: (1) Growing degree days is an indicator for assessing crop development. It is a measure of heat accumulation (base
Solution name: de.fraunhofer.iais.video_storage
Company: Test Organization
Description: Fraunhofer Video Storage Service Implementation